Testimonial 4

“I sincerely thank you for the experience you gave our students. They had very positive interactions with the colleges, liking Yale, Columbia, and Sacred Heart the best. None of them could say anything that could be improved about the trip and all had grins on their faces as they recalled what they experienced. Everything from the food to the drivers was a hit. The trip was amazing! You know what you are doing up there in New York. I thank you for your flexibility and your willingness to work with us. I thank you for the personal attention you obviously gave to our group, and I thank you for the time and effort you put into organizing all of the details of the trip. I only wish I could have been part of the experience! I would like to keep in touch with you regarding future tours for our students over Spring Break and with our school’s Summer program. Thank you again. It was a pleasure!”
-Email from – Private Boarding School – ASSISTANT DEAN OF RESIDENTIAL LIFE

Testimonial 3

“The GOCAMPUSING experience was full of awesomeness. The college advisor was great. He made the guided tours and information sessions so much better, because he had a lot of additional information and answered all of our questions. Overall I am very satisfied and I can’t think of room for improvement.”
High School Sophomore

testimonial 2

“Just wanted to say thank you once again for everything you did for my daughter on the [goCAMPUSing] tour. It’s been 2 weeks and she is still talking about the trip and she is in contact with many of the other kids she met on the tour. She is so excited about going to college in two years. Her entire attitude toward high school has changed in such a positive way it’s remarkable. She came back a different person. My husband and I can’t say enough about how much she matured in just a few days. Honestly, we’re shocked how your tour affected her. I can’t thank you enough and want to tell you in writing how pleased we are with your company and all of the staff you had on the tour.”
Email from PARENT of High School Sophomore

Testimonial 1

“It was an amazing trip. I loved visiting the colleges and getting to actually talk to kids that go to the college. I think that it was great that our parents weren’t there either…it really gave us an idea how our college future is going to be like someday-living in rooms with our friends, and experiencing campus life without our parents. Traveling was awesome, and the trips on the busses were always fun with music and movies. We really got around on the trip! I really loved everything about it and had a great time touring around campuses. There was absolutely nothing about the tour I would change. It was amazing, and most of all-informational and fun!”
-High School Sophomore