Why goCAMPUSing?


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Because of our experience.  goCAMPUSing has successfully taken tens of thousands of high school students from all across America, from just about every socioeconomic, racial, and religious background, on group tours to hundreds of colleges/universities all over the United States.

Because we’re not a bus or travel company.  Sure, we handle all of the tour’s logistics but that is not our focus nor our mission.  goCAMPUSing is a college awareness – college education – college tour company.  We have a trained goCAMPUSing College Advisor Staff Member on every tour – throughout the entire tour. We have collectively been on well over 500 college/university campuses and can work with you and your students to highlight the different nuances between schools and make suggestions of other similar campuses based on your student’s interests.  We can enhance the tours with information not typically explained during a campus tour or information session.

Because goCAMPUSing provides collateral educational material for students to use during a college tour, including profiles of the colleges they tour, evaluation tools, and a multi-page glossary of term relating to the entire college process.

Because goCAMPUSing  offers – College PRE-REQ – a revolutionary video college awareness program, to inform & prepare students for the college process and insights about college life – and so that students would better understand and appreciate a college campus tour.

Because goCAMPUSing was the brainchild of a high school student with the unique perspective of being a high school student.  Understanding how a teenager wants to see and learn about college, see the diversity of colleges, understand the possibilities, about enjoying the entirety of the college tour experience, and have the freedom to ask unjudgmental questions.

It is goCAMPUSing’s Mission to expose high school students to many colleges and helps them figure out the next four years of their life. goCAMPUSing’s staff helps schools and college awareness programs like GEAR UP, TRIO, UPWARD BOUND, TALENT SEARCH, and AVID plan and provide comprehensive and affordable college tours. It saves you time, money and aggravation and keeps students happy and excited to start applying to colleges.

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We understand that choosing a college is one of the most important and costly decisions a young person can ever make (no pressure!). Their career, where they live, lifelong friends, and even a spouse could all be a result of the college they attend.

Our onboard  goCAMPUSing College Advisors are there to help demystify the college selection and admissions process, reduce the stress of it, all while having fun.

If you try to list as many colleges as you can, you most likely wouldn’t be able to list all of the colleges and universities goCAMPUSing has toured. Your student’s right fit college could be out there, and they may not have even ever heard of it!  goCAMPUSing allows students to learn new ideas about colleges and discover which school is the best fit for them, their “right fit” – Academically, Socially and Financially.

Working with you and understanding the needs of your students, we create an all-encompassing package with a variety of colleges/universities. Safety, target and reach schools differ from student to student, visiting schools within the full scope gives students peace of mind, comfort, and aspiration.

The magic is then within the students themselves. Pulled away from the influence of parents they become involved in the college visit, selection, and application processes. They become excited, engaged, inspired, hopeful, and goal oriented.

These are the reasons “WHY goCAMPUSing?” And why goCAMPUSing is America’s Premier College Campus Tour Company.

Contact us to learn more and find out how goCAMPUSing can help your student population the college with their RIGHT FIT!