Testimonial f

“I enjoyed listening to the students and the personal stories they told about their college experiences. It was like watching a really good documentary! The details in the student life section were probably the most helpful as I am currently making my decision for the college that is the best fit for me.”
– email from High School Senior

Testimonial e

“In a word, powerful.  I was blown away at how engaging this College Pre-Req Video was.  So well organized.  Full of information, but it just seems to flow.  I was captivated by the college student presenters. Great job!  As a regular goCAMPUSing College Campus Tour client; you can now count on me being a regular Pre-Req Video client too. Perfect to show before touring colleges.”
– email from College Awareness Program Coordinator

Testimonial d

“ I could not have done better myself explaining the entire college process in under 2 hours.  Pre-Req almost left me nothing else to add.  But that is no surprise to me.  Everything you guys at goCAMPUSing do is always amazing.  Your college tours have always been extraordinary, so I should expect no less from you on this College PRE-REQ Video Program.  Simply wonderful.  And the college student presenters are marvelous.  I am making a point to include this in ALL of the college information sessions I  give to my students. Makes me feel being a School Counselor just a whole lot got easier. Thank you.”
-email from High School Counselor

Testimonial c

“I feel fortunate to have had a chance to get a sneak peek at GoCampusing College PreReq. It is perfect for parents and/or students who are unfamiliar with the complicated college application process and will help them to avoid common pitfalls. Current college students provide their candid accounts of their own college application journeys which can be especially helpful for students to hear peer to peer.”
– Email from Parent of High School Junior and Higher Ed professional

Testimonial 1b

Pre-Req was nothing I expected. I love it! Best explanation about choosing and applying to college that I have ever gotten from anybody. Basics and College Life sections were terrific. I will ask my parents to review the Financial Aid video over with me again. The whole thing is amazing! Thank you!
– Email from High School Junior

Testimonial 1a

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have a sneak preview to watch PRE-REQ. It’s amazing! So much information and viewing time just flew by. I love the college kids. They’re so engaging. And even “I” learned things I didn’t fully understand before. It was so helpful for me and my son. PRE-REQ ought to be required viewing not only for every high school student – but for school counselors too. Great job!”
– HS Teacher and Parent of HS Junior

Testimonial 10

“I was planning to apply to SUNY Albany but now that I saw it I realized that it wasn’t for me. I just didn’t like that it was so big. The counselors on the bus were right that some of us would like a school and some, like me didn’t feel it. After talking to the counselors on the bus I learned about different colleges and discovered that an instate SUNY college may not be the most affordable and not the easiest to get into. That made me feel so much better, I though that I had to go to a SUNY college. Now I want to visit more colleges and yes go on another trip. I want to visit the University of Delaware and a few other colleges to get a better idea of what kind of college I want to attend. I never thought a size of a college would matter to me so much. I can’t thank you all enough.”
-High School Junior

Testimonial 9

“I want to thank you for the sense of freedom you gave all of the students on the tour. We all felt like and were treated like adults. The experience was empowering. I never thought I would have liked and learned so much in just a few days. No one has ever spent as much time with me about my future college goals than the advisor on the [goCAMPUSing] tour. He was excellent, he listened and answered all my questions and then some. When the college itself fell short on information the [goCAMPUSing] advisor filled in all the blanks and he made it fun and stress free. I don’t know how to say this but, I feel like a different person than when I first got on the bus 4 days ago. I feel more confident and focused. All I can say is THANKS.”
-Rising High School Senior

Testimonial 8

“Thank you for organizing a wonderful goCampusing college tour while taking really good care of my daughter during her trip. The logistics, security, itinerary, hotels, bus, scheduling arrangement, ongoing email updates while on the tour, as well as the extended custom tour were excellent. That made us very comfortable with your group. She toured a number of colleges with an experienced counselor from your team who provided a wealth of information that would be difficult for us to gather in such a short time from websites or talking to people. The other students in your tour helped make it a group learning experience for admissions to colleges that was much more effective than us doing the visits as an individual family. Since our daughter was from the West coast, we really appreciate you doing an additional tour for her to see some additional east coast colleges which were on her list. She has returned from the college tour with a very good understanding of the admissions requirements, the process, the pros and cons of different colleges and wants to do another trip with your group. I will strongly recommend you to my friends as your team helped make it an enjoyable and safe learning experience for my high school daughter.”
Email from PARENT of High School Junior

Testimonial 7

“BIG MIRACLE…I’m excited about going to school! College! This tour did it. My Mom has been on my case for months and I kept putting it all off. Now I can’t wait. I loved the freedom on the tour. The gocampusing tour advisor was awesome. The college advice was amazing and he took the time to go over what I specifically needed to do from my high school class selection, when and how often I should take my SATs & ACTs, how to practice for them, even what I should do about writing my college essay. He gave all of the others on the tour the same personalized attention. The whole trip was awesome even the red bags and endless snacks on the bus were great. The hotels were great and the food was excellent. Thank you!”
High School Junior