“Thank you for everything that you and Judy did to make this final trip for my students an amazing one. I am truly thankful to God for enabling our paths to intersect. Both you and Judy are phenomenal women and the dedication, commitment, integrity professionalism, and most importantly compassionate friendliness you each bring are necessary qualities that you don’t always see in business collaborations. My team and I have enjoyed so much working with you and Judy that we will have to definitely plan multiple trips a year so that we can spend time with each of you. Have a wonderful day.”
– email from Upward Bound Program Coordinator and Advisor

Testimonial o

“Thanks so much for a great college tour! The evaluations from the students about the college tour were super positive. Hope to see you at the COE Conference.”
– email from Director of the Talent Search – TRiO Program

Testimonial n

“Our students truly enjoyed the [PRE-REQ] videos and I must say I was impressed. Thank you.”
– email from UPWARD BOUND Program Director

Testimonial m

“…I have to say that [goCAMPUSing’s College Pre-Req] was very thorough in covering all aspects of the college going process! I liked the clarity of the explanations for each category and also the honesty of the student testimonials and the diversity.”
– email from a NYS College GEARUP Associate Director

Testimonial l

“When I was asked to review the goCAMPUSing Pre-Req Video Program and discovered it was almost 2 hours long, I was very doubtful. I watched it with my daughter, a high school sophomore. Surprisingly, the time seemed to fly by. It was very well done and had a lot of useful information. The real shocker was when my daughter wanted to watch it again. You’ve got a winner! Great job!”
– email from Teacher and Parent of High School Sophomore

Testimonial k

“As a student looking to apply to college, the process is daunting. Everybody expects me to know more about college than I do. I think asking simple questions will make me sound stupid. The [Pre-Req] videos helped me to understand the process, making the whole process go much smoother. The presence of real students in the videos who have recently gone through the process themselves was super comforting and informative. There was so much useful information, ranging from college life to financial aid. I watched parts of [Pre-Req] it twice. I feel so much better about applying to college and about myself.”
– email from High School Junior

Testimonial j

“Having an opportunity to watch Pre-Req was a God send. As a parent of a high school junior I found the whole process of beginning to apply to colleges overwhelming. After my son’s high school had an information night I was just left with more questions then answers. I needed a clear picture of the overall process and your Pre-Req was exactly that. Each section was informative and very reassuring. Shortly after watching the program with my son we were well on our way to completing the process and found a number of schools that we believe are just the right fit for my son. Thank you!”
– email from Teacher and Parent of High School Junior

Testimonial i

“What a great video presentation! This information is a wonderful introduction to the college process. My children have received this information in bits and pieces throughout their experience by their guidance department, college advisor, and friends and family, however having it all in one place in a logical format is helpful. For a student who has not had the opportunity to hear this information at all, this is a gift. The use of the actual students made it more engaging and relevant to a high school student. I particularly enjoyed the variety of students and those that were not exactly sure of their path, with financial or academic concerns. I think it is important for students to hear that they want to try for their best match, but if it doesn’t work out then there are other choices. The videos were honest.”
– email from Parent of High School Senior and Sophomore

Testimonial h

“The goCAMPUSing online [Pre-Req] program is like none other I’ve seen and is a wonderful tool for parents and students in any stage of the college admission process. I greatly enjoyed watching each section with my son who is currently applying to colleges. We were hooked from the very beginning, and all of the testimonials from the various students were extremely engaging and informative. What a great resource – I would recommend goCAMPUSINGing to anyone!”
– email from Parent of High School Senior

Testimonial g

“Even though I am a sophomore in high school, I realize I need to start the college process as early as possible, and the goCAMPUSing website is really a great way for anyone to get a good idea of what to expect. My favorite parts were hearing the stories from the different students who are either in college right now or recently graduated. They helped me imagine what college would be like for me, and now I have a better idea of where I am going to apply when I am a senior.”
– email from High School Sophomore