Online College Awareness Streaming Video Program Pre Req



goCAMPUSing, America’s Premier College Campus Tour Company now offers PRE-REQ, an Online Streaming Video College Awareness Program. We’ve taken everything from our over a decade of taking tens of thousands of high school students to tour hundreds of colleges across the United States and crafted it to fit into this dynamic and engaging PRE-REQ Program. Think of it as an Online College Awareness Seminar for Teens and their Parents. There is nothing out there in the educational marketplace like it.

  • It’s one hour and forty seven minutes packed with College Process and College Life Facts & Insights.
  • It’s structured within a website so that the user can control the PRE-REQ Program – pausing/re-watching/and skipping through PRE-REQ at their discretion.
  • Perfect for either In Person/In Classroom Teaching OR Remote/At Home Learning Setting – SmartBoard/Desktop Computers/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone AND can be Shared on Video Conferencing Platforms like ZOOM, MicroSoft Teams, GOOGLE Meet, Go To Meeting, etc….
  • The 4 professional expert adult presenters are Certified School Counselors and a College Advisor.
  • Over TWO DOZEN current College Students & Recent College Graduates support the information & insights by sharing their own personal stories & experiences.
  • The PRE-REQ Program is arranged in eleven sections of fast paced video presentations with inset graphics to support the information provided.
  • Topics include: College Selection, Finding the “Right Fit”, Application Process, College Basics, College Life, Financial Aid….and more
  • The PRE-REQ Program videos was complied by an award winning production company designing the videos to grab & hold the attention of teenage viewers.
  • PLUS:
    o PRE-REQ has a High and Low Speed Download Format to Accommodate YOUR Internet Speed – ie: Smartphone
    o Videos are available in CLOSED CAPTION for Hearing Impaired
    o CLOSED CAPTION Translations are also available in a variety of other languages including: Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog (Filipino), Bengali, German, French, Russian, and others.

To learn more about the COLLEGE PRE-REQ Program – email us at, complete the form below, OR CALL 1 (516) 941- 6992  – business days –  Monday through Friday – 10 AM through 4PM Eastern Time.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Let’s do it for the kids!