Online College Awareness Streaming Video Program Pre-Req



goCAMPUSing’s College Pre-Req Program is a novel and revolutionary tool for High School Counselors and College Awareness Programs such as GEARUP and TRIO as well as an insightful learning program for High School Students and their families.

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It takes the viewer through a series of educational and engaging videos answering all the college questions we have been asked by students and counselors while on college tours over the last 10 plus years.

goCAMPUSing’s Pre-Req offers the essential College selection, application, and financial information that every School Counselor and Director wishes they had the opportunity and time to offer to their student population.

The College Pre-Req is a website, so that navigation through the site can be totally controlled by the user. It fits into In-Person Classes, Remote Teaching and a Blend/Hybrid of them both. It can be viewed on desktop, laptop computers, smart phones, smart boards and can be shown in conjunction with live Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other live video conferencing platforms.

There are eleven sections of streaming videos. Play College Pre-Req straight through the order of the menu, skip around from section-to-section, or replay a section – once, twice, or more.

Everything is at your pace and at a time convenient for you and your students. The videos and their content can then be shared with a student’s parents or guardians.

All the streaming videos are dynamically videotaped. Content is relevant and highly engaging and relatable to High School Students. Not only because of the information offered, but because of who is presenting the information. Their peers.  College students who were High School Students only a few years ago.

goCAMPUSing’s College Pre-Req has more than two dozen current college student and recent college graduate presenters providing their own, highly relatable, personal college stories, insight, and advice. And these presenters come from across the country and are of a variety of socio-economic backgrounds, race, and religion.

Engaging video presentations.  Real college students.  Real stories.

The adult presenters are also College Advisors and School Counselors from across the country providing the most up-to-date information in a simple and easy to understand fashion – using graphics to emphasize important information.

AND – College Pre-Req covers one of the most important and hard to understand college topics – Financial Aid.  Broken down in easy-to-understand basics with helpful tips and deadlines.

And like ALL of goCAMPUSing’s College Pre-Req Streaming Videos – they can be paused, rewound and replayed.

School Counselors LOVE it.  High School Students LOVE it.  GEARUP and TRIO Directors And PARENTS of high school students love it too!

goCAMPUSing knows that NOTHING beats having high school students physically tour college campuses, to see and experience college for themselves, but goCAMPUSing’s COLLEGE PRE-REQ is a great first step to demystifying your college journey.

To learn more about the COLLEGE PRE-REQ Program – email us at, complete the form below, OR CALL 1 (516) 941- 6992  – business days –  Monday through Friday – 10 AM through 4PM Eastern Time.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Let’s do it for the kids!