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goCAMPUSing, America’s Premier College Campus Tour Company now offers PRE-REQ, a totally revolutionary Video College Awareness Program. We’ve taken everything from our over a decade of taking tens of thousands of high school students to tour hundreds of colleges across the United States and crafted it to fit into this dynamic and engaging PRE-REQ Program. Think of it as an Online College Awareness Seminar for Teens and their Parents. The PRE-REQ College Awareness Video can be viewed Streaming Online as a standalone session or be bundled with a goCAMPUSing College Campus Tour and be viewed prior to a college tour, or during the college tour. goCAMPUSing’s College PRE-REQ is a perfect prequel, prerequisite, to any middle school, high school, or national college awareness programs like: Trio, Upward Bound, Gear Up, and AVID either prior to going to a College Fair – OR – going on a College Campus Tour. Or bundle it with a goCAMPUSing In-Person College Campus Group Tour. There is nothing out there in the educational marketplace like it.

  • Eleven separate in-depth videos create this dynamic one hour and forty nine minute Video College Awareness Program covering everything from college selection, the application process and types of applications, deadlines, financial aid, and basic college life – filled with valuable information and insights.
  • It’s structured so that the user can control the PRE-REQ Program – pausing/re-watching/and skipping through PRE-REQ at their discretion.
  • Perfect for In-Person/In-Classroom Teaching, Remote/At Home Learning, and Hybrid Learning Settings.
  • It works on SmartBoard/Desktop Computers/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone AND can be Shared on Video Conferencing Platforms like ZOOM, MicroSoft Teams, GOOGLE Meet, Go To Meeting, etc….
  • The 4 professional expert adult presenters are Certified School Counselors and a College Advisor.
  • Over TWO DOZEN current College Students & Recent College Graduates support the information & insights by sharing their own personal stories & experiences.
  • The PRE-REQ Program is arranged in eleven sections of fast paced video presentations with inset graphics to support the information provided.
  • Topics include: College Selection, Finding the “Right Fit”, Application Process, College Basics, College Life, Financial Aid….and more
  • The PRE-REQ Program videos was compiled by an award winning production company designing the videos to grab & hold the attention of teenage viewers.
  • PLUS:
    o PRE-REQ has a High and Low Speed Download Format to Accommodate YOUR Internet Speed – ie: Smartphone
    o Videos are available in CLOSED CAPTION for Hearing Impaired
    o CLOSED CAPTION Translations are also available in a variety of other languages including: Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog (Filipino), Bengali, German, French, Russian, and others.

To learn more about the COLLEGE PRE-REQ College Awareness Program and how to make it part of your College Awareness efforts – email us at, complete the form below, OR CALL 1 (516) 941- 6992  – business days –  Monday through Friday – 10 AM through 4PM Eastern Time.

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