Hey, High School Counselors & Independent College Advisors!

goCAMPUSing has a long history of supporting high school, & middle school, guidance counselors and independent college advisors to help their students find a college with their student’s “right fit.” We do this by working to provide Custom College Campus Group Tours specifically for your student population and by offering goCAMPUSing’s college awareness program, College PRE-REQ. College PRE-REQ is an online streaming option available in your classroom or during one of our goCAMPUSing college group tours.

Our programs are designed to help high school, and middle school, students find the college to which they best fit and compliment the services provided by high school counselors. We aim to be a mini admissions prep course on wheels. We work to best determine the needs of your students to develop the most effective college tour experience possible.

goCAMPUSing’s college group tours can be made up of a handful of students (with a minimum group of fifteen students) or we can arrange to have an entire class benefit from participating on a goCAMPUSing college campus tour (ranging from 15 to 100+ students).

Are you an independent college advisor? Use goCAMPUSing to expand the services you offer to your clients. Our staff will work with you to make sure the information provided, and college tour experience is in line with your program’s guidelines and college prep philosophy.

So, if you want to offer your students an educational trip with the opportunity to help your students expand their horizons with the colleges available to them – goCAMPUSing has the experience, expertise, and reputation of being “the Best College Tour Company” in the United States.

We are happy to develop a college tour program that will fit all the needs of your student population.

Please call (516) 941- 6992, or email info@gocampusing.com and we’d be happy to answer all of your questions!