COVID-19 -Update as of August 29, 2023 [ Last Reviewed August 29, 2023 ]

We hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy. At goCAMPUSing, we recognize that the excitement of visiting campuses and prepping for college admissions, and in-person college campus group tours may look a little different this Fall & Summer 2023- 2024 school season. Most colleges are resuming in-person group campus tours, and some may resume some sort of masking requirements. goCAMPUSing is, as always, actively monitoring colleges nationwide determining the steps they require to accommodate group tours.

We’re doing everything we can to ensure that  we can safely continue our mission to find every student their right fit college. ALL of our goCAMPUSing Staff are fully vaccinated, and we have added a consulting physician, who is familiar with COVID-19, as well as a Public Health Expert – an MPH, to our advisory committee. Additionally, we are consulting with all of our transportation vendors (ground and air travel) about following all state and federal department health regulations and are in constant communication with our regular hotel contacts regarding room occupancy and sanitizing procedures. Nothing is more important on a goCAMPUSing College Tour than the safety and wellbeing of the students, teachers, chaperones, and staff.

We know how important stepping foot on campuses is to our college-bound students, and how exciting it is to ponder future college memories, friendships, and overall success. At goCAMPUSing, we want you to know that we are still here, working hard to help high school students find their “right fit”—academically, socially, and financially. Every student deserves a place to call home where they can be healthy, safe, and thrive.


Judy, Beverley and our entire goCAMPUSing team

Below are some of the agency websites which we monitor daily. We recommend that you regularly monitor them as well.

Federal Transit Administration/CDC regarding masking on Charter Buses No Longer in Effect (April 18, 2022) :

Centers for Disease Control Travel Information: