Hey, High School Counselors & Independent College Advisors!


goCAMPUSing has a long history of supporting high school guidance counselors and independent college advisors. For you we have two goals:

  1. To be a resource by providing firsthand college information and campus tours to your students and/or clientele.
  2. Enhancing your professional growth by improving your own firsthand college knowledge while adding to your professional network.

For Your Students!

We understand that your workload is filled with more than mindless hours of providing students with personalized college advice and information. goCAMPUSing can help to supplement time in the office while taking the burden of planning away from you.

goCAMPUSing student tours compliments the services provided by high school counselors. We’re like a mini college prep course on wheels. We work to determine the needs of individual students and utilizes student grades and standardized test scores to develop the most effective college tour experience possible.

Feel free to identify one student, a handful of students or even arrange to have an entire class benefit from participating on a goCAMPUSing tour.

Our advisors have one-on-one and group chats with students on the tours explaining how to best develop a college selection plan, explain the application process, and give tips on improving chances of acceptance.

Independent College Advisor? Use goCAMPUSing to expand the services you offer to your clients. Our staff will work with you to make sure the information provided and college tour experience is in line with your program’s guidelines and college prep philosophy.

For Counselors!

We have tours for you too! Use your Summer vacation to expand your knowledge of schools and visit campuses first hand. goCAMPUSing also offers special Summer College Counselor Tours designed specifically for School Counselors, Guidance Counselors, and Independent College Advisors.

On our trips you’ll see a variety of colleges and learn the latest admissions information. In addition to this (depending on availability) you’ll be able to sit down with the admissions officer for your region.

Sound good? Visit our COUNSELORS TOUR page to find out more. Still want more info? Email us at: info@goCAMPUSing.com, or call us, Monday through Friday 10am to 5pm Eastern Time at: (516) 941-6992